Here you will learn more about us, who we are, where we came from, and what we stand for.

Our Church History

We became a mission in Oct. 1995, under the authority of Landmark Baptist Church in Tulsa, Ok.  The mission voted to organize into a church June 22, 1996. We had an all day service. Bro. Joe Wilson headed it up .  Bro. Paul Jackson pastor of Landmark Baptist church, Lyons Ga. and some from his church were here.   Bro Jackson brought a message, then Bro. John Pruitt at that time pastor of West  Griffin Baptist church and some of his members were here too. Bro. John brought a message , then Bro. Gorden Buchanan pastor of Memorial  Heights  Baptist Church in Perry Ga brought a  message.

After   we were organized, Bro Joe had the members elect a pastor.  The church voted to have Bro. Reggie Moore. We had dinner (lunch) on the ground. Bro. Wilson stayed and preached revival meeting for us. Charter Members were Bro David Medders, Bro. Barry Smith. Sis. Tina Smith. Bro. Reggie Moore. Sis. Faye Moore.  

June 2021 will mark 25 years of faithful service and Lord willing we will be having special service in thanksgiving to our Lord for His blessings.

What We Believe

We are Sovereign Grace Baptists. We believe salvation is totally by the pure grace of God. Without God's grace, man, by nature is separated from God.

We are Missionary Baptists. We believe God saves his people through preaching of the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus gave the Great Commission in order to spread his gospel and we believe in every aspect of mission work as outlined in the Scriptures.

We are Independent Baptists. We believe each church is an independent body and has no ties to answer to another church. We love our sister churches, but, our decisions are made totally by the membership of our local body according to God's Word.

We are Landmark Baptists. We believe Jesus Christ instituted the New Testament church while he was on earth. We hold the belief that his church has been perpetual since it's establishment.

We are Baptists because we have, since the time that our precious Lord walked on this earth, held the doctrines outlined in this tract. In the past hundred years, we have seen many people fall away from these contemporary doctrines. The truths are as follows:

1. We believe in the Bible as the eternal, inspired, inerrant Word of God; the complete revelation of God's will. (Pvb 30:5) (II Tim. 3:16) (II Pet. 1:20,21)

2. We believe that there is one true and living God in three personalities: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (II Cor. 13:14) (Mat. 3:16, 17) (Mat. 28:19)

3. We accept the complete Bible account of creation without question and unreservedly. (Gen. 1:1-2:2:25) (Jhn. 1:3)

4. We believe that Satan is the unholy god of this present age and world-systems; that he is the author of all of the powers of darkness and sin. (II Cor. 4:4) (I Pet. 5:8)

5. We believe that man was created in the image of God and, as a result of voluntary action, ate of the forbidden fruit and was no longer innocent or worthy to walk with God. (Gen. 3:1-7) (Rom. 5:12)

6. We believe in the virgin birth as well as the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ; we believe he was God in the flesh. (Isa. 7:14) (Jhn. 10:30) (Luk. 1:31-35)

7. We believe the only atonement for sins is through the shed blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. (Act. 4:12) Heb. 9:11-15) (I Pet. 1:19,20)

8. We believe in the total depravity of man in that he cannot come to Christ without the drawing force of the Father in Heaven. (Jhn. 6:44) (I Cor. 2:14) (Rom. 8:7,8)

9. We believe in the unconditional election by God of man to salvation. (Jhn. 17:2) (Eph. 1:4,5) (I Cor. 1:26-29)

10. We believe the shed blood of Jesus Christ covers each and every elect. (Jhn. 17:2) (I Jhn. 1:7) (I Jhn. 4:10)

11. We believe in an effectual calling that goes out to every elect whom God has chosen. (Rom. 8:28-30) (Jhn. 6:37) (I Cor. 1:22-24)

12. We believe that all who are truly born again are preserved by God the Father and persevere through the Lord Jesus Christ. (Rom. 8:35-39) (I Pet. 1:4,5) (Jhn. 10:27-29)

13. We believe regeneration and conversion to be a simultaneous occurrence as a result of the Holy Spirit using the spoken or written word. (II Ths. 2:13,14) (Heb. 4:2) (I Cor. 1:21)

14. We believe salvation to be totally by the pure Grace, or unmerited favor, of God. (Jonah 2:9) ( Eph. 2:8,9) (II Tim. 1:9)

15. We believe in two phases of Christ's second coming; before the tribulation for his saints and afterwards to set up his millennial kingdom. (I Ths. 4:16, 17) (Rev. 19:11-15) (Rev. 20:1-7)

16. We believe in separate judgments for the righteous and unrighteous. (I Cor. 3:12-15) (II Tim. 4:7,8) (Rev 20:11-15) (II Pet. 3:7)

17. We believe that Jesus instituted his church during his personal ministry on earth. (Mat. 16:18) (Mar. 3:13-19)

18. We believe in a local church; not an invisible, universal church. (Act. 14:23) (I Cor. 14:33) (I Ths. 1:1)

19. We believe pastors and deacons should meet the qualifications outlined in the scriptures. (I Tim. 3:1-13) (Tit. 1:5-13)

20. We believe women should remain silent in the public mixed assemblies. (I Cor. 14:34, 35) (I Tim. 2:11-15)

21. We believe Jesus Christ gave two ordinances to the churches: baptism and the Lord's Supper, or communion. (Mat. 26:26-29) (Act. 2:41) (I Cor. 11:14-16) (Act. 19:4,5)

22. We believe that baptism is a complete immersion in water. (Mar. 1:10) (Act. 8:38.39)

23. We believe in a believers baptism; we believe one is baptized because he is saved and not in order to be saved. (Act. 2:41) (Act. 8:12, 36, 37)

24. We believe the Lord's Supper is for each local church and not to be practiced openly with everyone. (I Cor. 10:16,17)

25. We believe both elements in the Lord's Supper should be unleavened. We use unleavened bread and fermented wine as a symbol of our Lord's perfect body and pure blood. (Luk. 22:7-20) (I Cor. 5:6-8)

26. We do not believe in high-pressure methods of begging people to donate money of persuading people to join our church, but, simply believe in preaching the gospel and leaving the results to the Lord. (Act. 2:47) (II Cor. 9:6,7) (I Cor. 16:2)

27. Finally, we believe in the absolute and eternal sovereignty of God; we believe, presently and in the hereafter, all things will glorify God; everything from his saints, who will be with him, to those who will spend eternity in the lake of fire, glory be to God. (Dan. 4:35) (Psa. 76:10) (Isa 42:8) (Jud. 25) Rev. 4:11)